A look back at 2017 and looking ahead to more great rock!

2017 was a fun year for Uncle Punch.  We played some great shows at Herman’s, the Toad Tavern, the Celtic House Pub, and played 3 festivals – the Multiple Sclerosis MS150 in Fort Collins in June, the South X Southeast Festival at Bible Park in August, the Sarcoma Run in September at Cherry Creek High School, and the Starlighting event in Castle Rock in November (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s event).

We hope to play out a lot more in 2018 and continue to raise money for good causes.  Thank you to all the club managers and event organizers who helped us spread the Uncle Punch rock n’ roll message.  Thank you most of all to the fans who gave us love and encouragement throughout the year.

In 2018, we are building some new relationships to get out and play more.  It’s all about the music and having fun together.

Enjoyed playing at The Toad Tavern

Saturday night we played the Toad Tavern to a small crowd which wasn’t surprising for the weekend of Thanksgiving.  However we did hear some very nice compliments from the 3 raucous fist-pumping guys in front of the stage.  LOL…actually it’s great to see people really enjoying the music we grew up on and love.  Thanks to the staff at The Toad Tavern who were very nice to us.  We look forward to playing there again soon.  They are very committed to live music of all types and we certainly appreciate that.

Why do I play multiple guitars onstage?

I am not one to play a lot of guitars during the course of a show, but I usually have couple.  My main guitar is a Gibson Les Paul ’58 Custom Shop Reissue.  It’s a Collector’s Choice Greg Martin model that Greg Martin himself (Kentucky Headhunters) turned me onto.  It really feels good to me and I love the rich tone.

My backup guitar is usually one with single-coil pickups for a cleaner, more granular sound.  Sometimes it’s just plain fun to mess around with various guitars.  What can I say?  It’s a passion.

Show updates and thank you fans for coming out!

The last Herman’s show was a lot of fun. Probably the highlight for me was seeing some old friends in the audience.  One in particular, DP, was there after a long courageous battle with illness.  He’s turned the corner and looks really good.  We were so happy to see him enjoying the music. Herman’s Hideaway did a great job as always with making the sound just right.  The servers made sure everyone was well taken care of.

Today, we played a benefit show in Castle Rock to benefit ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s.  It was a record turnout.  We were a late addition to the lineup and played first, before most of the crowd arrived.  Regardless, it gave us a chance to play some new material and the Groove Auto guys, who donated the stage and audio, did a fantastic job. Oh, and by the way, the pig roast was incredible.  Will Falcone roasted those pigs to perfection.  Everyone really enjoyed the food in a real celebration of life.

Come out and enjoy the fun at our Upcoming performances.

Uncle Punch plays Ziggies

Uncle Punch plays Ziggies

Uncle Punch rocked a traditional blues club to an enthusiastic crowd.  Carla and the staff were extremely warm and gracious.  A first class establishment even if we are a little too, shall we say, energetic.  As always, we had a great time and appreciate all those that came out to see the band perform.



Making great sound in a variety of ways

Uncle Punch guitarist Scott Mishoe has entered into a partnership with amplifier tone guru Chris Brandt.  They have begun production of their first two boutique all-tube hand-wired amplifier models.  More to come on this exciting new venture.  Brandt and Mishoe are making the amps one at a time aimed at true professional guitarists looking for high quality tone and build construction.

Uncle Punch debuts at Herman’s Hideaway

Uncle Punch made its professional debut at Herman’s Hideaway on August 6th.  As the first band of the evening, we got the crowd started with some hard rock.   Three other bands played after us:  The Johnny Duran Band, Weekend Medicine, and Wishdoctor.  All of those bands have been around quite a while.  Uncle Punch has been in existence less than 6 months, but we had a great set and a knockout crowd that came out to hear us.  Come hear 70’s and 80’s style hard rock (Hendrix, AC/DC, Montrose, Mountain, Pat Travers, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Free, and others) at our next show.

Thanks to the gang at Herman’s.  We had a nice crowd and lots of fun.